Crimini Mushrooms Benefits Completed

Exactly what’s New and Beneficial About Crimini Mushrooms

1. We wish to let you recognize that based on current researches, the jury is still out on the integrity of crimini mushrooms as a source of vitamin B12. This location of nutritional research is controversial for three factors: (1) vitamin B12 is not always spotted in mushrooms, including crimini mushrooms; (2) when vitamin B12 is detected in mushrooms, it is generally found on the outer sections of the mushrooms, suggesting that microorganisms on the mushroom surface may have been produced the vitamin B12 as opposed to the mushrooms themselves; as well as (3) the chemical structure of vitamin B12 discovered on some mushrooms, while based upon the corrin-type ring structure that is characteristic of vitamin B12, could have crucial differences from the kind of vitamin B12 that offers us with full vitamin benefits. We utilize one of the most current and detailed nutrient databases to assist us examine the nutrient composition of our George Mateljan, and also based on this information, we rank crimini mushrooms as a great source of vitamin B12 as well as our only placed non-animal source of this vitamin. And also you may be obtaining a crucial vitamin B12 boost from usage of crimini mushrooms. However, based upon the research proof, we do not advise that you count on crimini mushrooms (or other fungi) as your key resource of B12.

2. You might have the ability to make a difference in the health benefits you get from mushrooms by being extra mindful with the temperature at which you store them. In a study taking a look at shade and also appearance modifications in crimini (white switch) mushrooms over a 6 to eight day period, storage temperature had a precise effect on shade, and also, by inference, color-related phytonutrients including certain polyphenols. As temperatures moved more detailed and also closer to room temperature (the researchers stopped at 59 ° F/15 ° C in their study, which has to do with ten degrees lower than “area temperature” as designated in many researches), staining as well as hardening became a growing number of problematic. Scientist hypothesized that the lack of cell walls in fungi like crimini mushrooms and also greater activity of oxidative enzymes (like polyphenol oxidase) at greater temperatures may have paved the way for this discoloration as well as implied nutrient loss. Prevention of discoloration and solidifying called for the researchers to take the temperature level down right to 38 ° F/3 ° C over this six to 8 day duration. Because 38 ° F/3 ° C is terrific temperature level establishing for your home fridge, exactly what we’re speaking about below bewares refrigeration of mushrooms as quickly as you’ve gotten here back house from the grocery store.

3. At George Mateljan, Healthy And Balanced Sautéeing is our suggest technique for cooking crimini mushrooms. Like all of our food preparation approaches, we attempt to focus on the very best feasible cause terms of taste, appearance, and marginal loss of nutrients. In this context, we were encouraged by a current research study that subjected crimini mushrooms to three various sorts of cooking techniques: microwaving oven for 2 mins, boiling for five mins, as well as pan-frying for two mins. Results of this research showed a reduction in total antioxidant capacity complying with the microwaving and also boiling strategy, and also a minor boost in this capacity through use the stir-fry technique. The writers guessed that the microwaving and also boiling techniques enabled water-soluble anti-oxidants to leech right into the food preparation water, while the stir-frying technique (which involved sunflower oil) did not. While we could not make certain specifically just what occurred from a single as well as minimal study, the results below recommend that home heating in oil might be a good way of ending up with some extremely delicious mushrooms as well as valuable antioxidant benefits.

What’s New and also Beneficial Concerning Crimini Mushrooms

We wish to let you understand that based on recent studies, the jury is still out on the integrity of crimini mushrooms as a resource of vitamin B12. This area of dietary research study is controversial for 3 reasons: (1) vitamin B12 is not constantly discovered in mushrooms, including crimini mushrooms; (2) when vitamin B12 is spotted in mushrooms, it is typically located on the outermost sections of the mushrooms, suggesting that bacteria on the mushroom surface might have been created the vitamin B12 instead of the mushrooms themselves; and (3) the chemical structure of vitamin B12 located on some mushrooms, while based on the corrin-type ring framework that is characteristic of vitamin B12, can have crucial differences from the type of vitamin B12 that offers us with full vitamin advantages. We utilize among one of the most current as well as extensive nutrient data sources to assist us examine the nutrient make-up of our George Mateljan, as well as based on this information, we rate crimini mushrooms as a good source of vitamin B12 as well as our only placed non-animal resource of this vitamin. And also you could be obtaining an important vitamin B12 increase from intake of crimini mushrooms. Nonetheless, based on the research study evidence, we do not suggest that you rely upon crimini mushrooms (or various other fungi) as your key resource of B12.

You might be able to make a difference in the health advantages you get from mushrooms by being added mindful with the temperature level at which you save them. In a research examining color as well as appearance changes in crimini (white button) mushrooms over a six to eight day period, storage temperature had a certain effect on color, and also, by inference, color-related phytonutrients consisting of certain polyphenols. As temperatures moved better and better to area temperature (the scientists quit at 59 ° F/15 ° C in their research, which has to do with ten levels below “space temperature” as assigned in a lot of research studies), staining and also setting came to be an increasing number of problematic.

Researchers speculated that the absence of cell walls in fungis like crimini mushrooms and better task of oxidative enzymes (like polyphenol oxidase) at greater temperature levels may have paved the way for this discoloration and implied nutrient loss. Avoidance of staining and hardening needed the scientists to take the temperature level down right to 38 ° F/3 ° C over this six to eight day period. Since 38 ° F/3 ° C is great temperature level establishing for your residence fridge, just what we’re talking about below bewares refrigeration of mushrooms as soon as you have actually arrived back house from the grocery store.

At George Mateljan, Healthy Sautéeing is our suggest technique for cooking crimini mushrooms. Like all our cooking techniques, we attempt to concentrate on the most effective feasible lead to regards to preference, appearance, and also minimal loss of nutrients. In this context, we were encouraged by a recent research that subjected crimini mushrooms to three different sorts of cooking methods: microwaving for two mins, steaming for 5 mins, and also stir-frying for two minutes. Outcomes of this research revealed a reduction in overall antioxidant capability following the microwaving and also boiling approach, and also a mild increase in this ability with use the stir-fry approach. The writers guessed that the microwaving and also steaming methods allowed water-soluble antioxidants to leech right into the food preparation water, while the stir-frying method (which included sunflower oil) did not. While we can not make sure specifically what happened from a solitary as well as restricted study, the outcomes right here suggest that home heating in oil may be a great way of winding up with some really yummy mushrooms as well as beneficial antioxidant advantages.

This chart graphically information the %DV that an offering of Mushrooms, crimini attends to each of the nutrients which it is an excellent, excellent, or outstanding resource according to our Food Rating System. Extra information regarding the amount of these nutrients provided by Mushrooms, crimini can be discovered in the Food Rating System Chart. A link that takes you to the In-Depth Nutritional Account for Mushrooms, crimini, featuring information over 80 nutrients, can be found under the Food Score System Graph.
crimini mushrooms

Health and wellness Benefits

Antioxidant as well as Anti-Inflammatory Benefits from Crimini Mushrooms

As the world’s most commonly taken pleasure in mushroom ranges, button mushrooms (including crimini) make what could just be described as an outstanding contribution to human nutrition and health and wellness. Highlighting the contribution of crimini are their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory advantages.

As a fungi, crimini mushrooms are uncommon in their macronutrient material. Numerous foods supply us with healthy proteins as well as carbohydrates. However few foods provide us with the one-of-a-kind forms of these macronutrients that are found in crimini. In the protein group, probably one of the most unique protein element in crimini is the sulfur-containing amino acid known as ergothioneine. This amino acid is derived from the a lot more common amino acid, histidine, and also it has well-documented antioxidant advantages. Actually, not only has ergothioneine been revealed to operate as an antioxidant, however in animal studies it has also been revealed to shield against chronic oxidative stress. Ergothioneine not only offers us with antioxidant support, however with immune assistance too, because it assists protect immune cells from oxidative damage. Research studies have actually additionally verified the capability of our body to uptake ergothioneine adhering to consumption of crimini mushrooms.

In the carb group, crimini additionally offers us with special nourishment. Right here the study has concentrated on 2 kinds of polysaccharides: the glucans (particularly beta-glucan) and the heterogalactans (specifically fucogalactan). It is the anti-inflammatory nature of these polysaccharides that has actually gotten one of the most research study focus. The glucans as well as heterogalactans in crimini are recognized to function in an anti-inflammatory capability by hindering the task of enzymes like cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2). They are likewise known to help decrease inflammatory cell signaling. Additionally, the one-of-a-kind polysaccharides in crimini mushrooms can help to stimulate immune feature, especially within our digestive system tract. Macrophages– the larger-sized white blood cells that are essential for numerous sorts of immunity– have actually been revealed to undertake increased activation complying with intake of crimini polysaccharides. In addition, among our first lines of defense along the linings of our body cavities (including our GI tract) is the manufacturing of secretory immunoglobulin A (SIgA). Researchers have actually identified that SIgA can be triggered by consumption of button mushrooms thanks to their polysaccharide web content. In human researches, roughly one cup of blanched white switch mushrooms daily over a period of three weeks has been shown to increase body degrees of SIgA. So, as you could see, the healthy proteins and also carbohydrates offered by crimini mushrooms go beyond the proteins as well as carbs located in a lot of foods relative to their antioxidant and also anti-inflammatory advantages.

Along with the unique macronutrient composition of these mushrooms are three crucial minerals provided by crimini that provide us with antioxidant defense. The first of these minerals is selenium, which is needed for correct functioning of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase. Crimini are a superb resource of selenium. The various other two minerals are manganese as well as zinc. These minerals are needed for correct performance of the enzyme superoxide dismutase. Crimini mushrooms are a good to excellent resource of both minerals.

Broad-Based Nutrient Assistance from Crimini Mushrooms

Along with the macronutrient benefits explained earlier is the substantial micronutrient assistance that we receive from crimini mushrooms. This distinct food is a placed resource of 8 various vitamins and 6 various minerals. In the excellent group you will locate the minerals copper, selenium, and phosphorus, as well as the vitamins B2, B3, and also pantothenic acid. In the great category you will find the minerals potassium and zinc, along with vitamin B1. And in the great classification you will certainly discover manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, choline, as well as folate. What you are looking at in this listing is a solitary 16-calorie serving of a solitary food that provides excellent, excellent, or outstanding quantities of 50% of all micronutrients that we examine on our site.

Relative to vitamin B12, nevertheless, we do have to include one cautionary note. Throughout our site, we use an up-to-date and also extensive nutrient database in order to help us examine the nutrient make-up of our foods. Based on this data, we rank crimini mushrooms as an excellent resource of vitamin B12. In fact, crimini mushrooms are our only ranked non-animal source of this vitamin. In spite of the database values for B12, nevertheless, our team believe that the court is still out on the reliability of crimini mushrooms as a source of vitamin B12. For us, this area of research entails 3 sorts of dispute. Initially, vitamin B12 is not constantly found in mushrooms, consisting of crimini mushrooms. Second, when B12 is detected in mushrooms, it is generally discovered on the outer sections of the mushrooms, recommending that bacteria on the mushroom surface might have created the vitamin B12 rather than the mushrooms themselves. And also 3rd, the chemical framework of vitamin B12 located on some mushrooms, while based upon the corrin-type ring structure that is characteristic of vitamin B12, could have crucial differences from the form of B12 that gives us with complete vitamin advantages. You might be getting a crucial B12 boost from consumption of crimini mushrooms! Nevertheless, you also may not be, as well as based on the research evidence, we do not recommend that you rely on crimini mushrooms (or other fungi) as your key source of vitamin B12.

In order to round out our description of the broad-based nutritional support offered by crimini mushrooms, it is very important to state some additional phytonutrients provided by this unique food. Crimini gives us with countless phenolic acids consisting of gallic, caffeic, ferulic, coumaric, and protocatechuic acid. It also supplies us with lower quantities of flavonoids and also various other polyphenols. Every one of these phytonutrients have well-documented antioxidant residential or commercial properties, and they often have well-establish anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties as well.

Various Other Most Likely Wellness Perks from Crimini Mushrooms

Throughout our website, we strive to supply you with health benefit info that is based on human research studies entailing great deals of people that take in foods in a daily method. Essentially, we just do not have studies of this type to document the likely healthy and balanced benefits of crimini mushrooms for details health issue. Essentially, health-based study on crimini mushrooms has entailed animal research studies or laboratory evaluation of cleansed essences or detoxified parts. Yet we have actually seen many encouraging findings in these non-human research studies as well as numerous small-scale human researches with motivating results as well.

Pet and also laboratory research studies on crimini mushroom powders, extracts, as well as separated components have focused on 2 general areas of health issue: cardio troubles and progression of numerous cancer kinds. In the cardio classification, we have seen multiple research studies in which consumption of mushroom extracts has actually enhanced blood fat degrees, particularly levels of triglycerides. In addition, there are a great variety of researches revealing blood vessel and blood cell security from oxidation following intake of crimini mushroom powders and also removes. These findings make great sense to us, offered the rich antioxidant web content of this food.

In the location of cancer cells development, we have actually seen just what researchers describe “anti-tumor” task adhering to consumption of mushroom essences by rats and mice, especially relative to bust cancers cells. Nevertheless, extracts from white switch mushrooms have actually typically been analyzed in these researches, as opposed to extracts from brownish button (crimini) mushrooms. In addition, we have actually seen much less regular evidence in these white switch mushroom research studies than located in research studies of other mushroom kinds– as an example, shiitake mushrooms. Still, it makes good sense to us for crimini mushrooms in order to help lower cancer threat given that their antioxidant and also anti-inflammatory benefits are well-documented, and also danger of numerous cancer kinds is raised by chronic undesirable oxidative anxiety and persistent unfavorable inflammation.

In the classification of small human researches, we were delighted to see a current research on intake of crimini mushrooms and also Metabolic Syndrome. Middle-aged participants in the research study consumed approximately one mug of cooked, sliced crimini (white switch) mushrooms each day over a period of four months. All individuals in the study had actually been formerly identified with Metabolic Syndrome. Results of the research study showed that the complete antioxidant capability in the blood stream of the participants boosted, which their level of oxidative tension (as gauged by the amount of carboxymethyllysine in their blood product) decreased. On top of that, levels of ergothioneine, a sulfur-containing as well as antioxidant amino acid, were discovered to double in the individuals’ lab results. While many individuals might not want to consume this quantity of crimini mushrooms each day, we think that less frequent consumption would additionally have actually caused essential antioxidant benefits, although most likely not as substantial as the advantages showed in this research.


Crimini mushrooms are recognized by a range of names, and also sometimes these names can be confusing. Possibly one of the most typical generalized term that you will listen to for crimini mushrooms is the term “switch mushrooms” considering that the leading portion or “cap” of these mushrooms is shaped like a hemisphere or rounded switch. Nevertheless, most people consider crimini mushrooms to be a special subgroup of switch mushrooms, and not associated with all button mushrooms. A lot of commonly, words “crimini” is used to mark a subgroup of the button mushrooms, and also it describes button mushroom varieties that are rather smaller compared to most white button mushrooms; more light brown/coffee/cocoa in shade; and also rather firmer as well. The crimini taste is also normally more robust and also distinctive compared to the flavor of white switch mushrooms. (We have heard the summary “weighty” being used in this context.) So in terms of typical use, “crimini mushroom” refers to the exact same food as “brown button mushroom.” One more name you may see for crimini mushroom is “child bella” which is shorthand for “infant portabella.”

You might additionally see the word “crimini” being meant as “cremeni,” or the term “baby bella” being meant as “infant bello.” At George Mateljan, we make use of the term “crimini mushroom” as well as “brownish switch mushroom” reciprocally, as well as we are not describing all button mushrooms (consist of the familiar white versions) when we talk about crimini mushrooms.
Like all mushrooms, crimini belong to the fungi kingdom of living points. Fungi are various in numerous organic ways compared to plants, and we do not wish to suggest or else on our internet site. Nonetheless, given that many people are accustomed to considering mushrooms as veggies and also typically use mushrooms alongside of various other veggies when food preparation, we have actually included them among our 38 George Mateljan veggies regardless of their appropriate status as a fungi.

The part of crimini mushrooms that we consume is called the fruiting body. Much like the formation of fruits on plants, the “fruiting body” we call a mushroom develops at a later stage in the fungi’ life cycle. The issue of life cycle is very important for recognizing crimini mushrooms because a bargain of dispute exists regarding one of the most natural way for mushrooms to be cultivated. The life cycle of a crimini mushroom starts with a spore– the reproductive system of this food that can be found on the underside (or “inner surface”) of the leading section (or “cap”). Germination of a mushroom spore starts the mushroom’s life cycle, and also sprouted mushroom spores– practically called mycelium– are described as “generate.” (Spawn can be considered the equivalent of seeds in a plant.) After generating generate, mushroom farmers require some tool to serve as the food source that allows the spawn to proceed turning into mushrooms. This tool often entails some form of a composted grain– for instance, wheat, pearl millet, sorghum, or dried paddy straw from a rice paddy.

These composted substances are commonly described as the “spawn bed” and also it makes sense to think of them as the “soil” for expanding mushrooms. It’s likewise worth noting that some mushroom farmers use logs to grow the generate and usually continue by piercing holes in the logs, inoculating wood dowels with spawn, and after that connecting the holes with the inoculated dowels. Unlike plants, a lot of mushrooms do not depend on sunshine for development and can do well in a dark atmosphere. As opposed to breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen like plants, nevertheless, mushrooms do the reverse and also require an excellent supply of oxygen-containing air to thrive.

In addition to the many different media on which mushroom spawn can be expanded, there are several methods of developing the generate beds themselves. These beds might be interior or outside, and could include trays, racks, columns, or mounds. The many various options for developing a mushroom development tool, combined with the many various alternatives for setting up the overall development center, have caused arguments over one of the most effective, the very least wasteful, and also many nourishing method to grow crimini mushrooms. We have not seen any large research that reveals one strategy to be clearly superior to another, however, and also we believe that farmers in different areas and environments have good alternatives for farming that are most appropriate to those regions as well as routines. And also generally, we think about crimini mushrooms as a very flexible life kind given that it can be found expanding wild in lots of regions of the world as well as in rather varied environments.

At the same time that we recognize the adaptability of crimini mushrooms and the many various farming alternatives described over, we additionally think that like any type of food, the high quality of a crimini mushroom depends on the top quality of its seed and growth atmosphere. For example, while we have actually not seen any large-scale research study studies in this regard, we would certainly forecast that crimini mushrooms grown on composted materials that had previously been contaminated with residues of pesticides, heavy metals, or various other unwanted substances would certainly end up absorbing some of these contaminants into the brown switch mushroom that we eat. Because of this, we advise the acquisition of purchase of qualified organic mushrooms. While there are no specific natural criteria created specifically for guideline of mushroom manufacturing, all organic standards that have actually been set into place for various other foods obtain applied to mushrooms also. So we are certain regarding your capability to decrease your direct exposure to undesirable pollutants through the purchase of crimini mushrooms in certified natural form– unless, of course, you have another method to be sure concerning the top quality of the mushroom expanding atmosphere. (For instance, you might recognize a local relied on mushroom grower.).

In terms of their scientific classification, crimini mushrooms belong to the Agaricus bisporus genus/species of fungis. (And also within the fungis Kingdom, crimini mushrooms belong to the Agaricaceae family of fungi in the Basidiomycota Division.) In this context, we additionally want to keep in mind that white switch mushrooms likewise come from this exact same genus/species of fungis.


As a wide group, switch mushrooms are belonging to several areas of the world and could still be found expanding wild worldwide. Nevertheless, cultivation of switch mushrooms additionally started far back in time in lots of areas of the globe, and also specifically partly of China, India, as well as Japan. Today, China is the biggest solitary producer of all mushrooms (including not only crimini yet various other kinds) with around 16 million metric lots of production. The USA, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, as well as France are likewise major mushroom producers, however not at the high manufacturing degree in China. If all nations and all kinds of mushrooms are taken into consideration, global production amounts to approximately $35 billion dollars each year in regards to trade and sales. This massive manufacturing as well as import/export of switch mushrooms makes them the most widely-enjoyed mushroom ranges on the planet, and also their appeal is reflected in their incorporation right into a number of the globe’s local foods.

Within the U.S., over 500 million pounds of switch mushrooms are generated each year (including both brownish as well as white switch kinds). In terms of sales volume, the state of Pennsylvania generates one of the most button mushrooms, followed by the state of California. One region in Pennsylvania– Chester Area– is specifically well-known for its growing of switch mushrooms.

The best ways to Select as well as Store

Look for crimini mushrooms that are firm, plump, clean and also brown (or coffee or cacao) in shade. Those that are wrinkled or have wet slimed areas ought to be stayed clear of. If your recipe asks for caps just, choose mushrooms that have short stems to stay clear of waste. Fresh and dried brown button mushrooms are normally readily available throughout the year.

At George Mateljan, we encourage the acquisition of licensed naturally grown foods, and crimini mushrooms are no exception. Repeated research studies on organic foods as a group show that your possibility of direct exposure to pollutants such as chemicals as well as heavy metals can be substantially lowered via the bought of qualified organic foods, consisting of crimini mushrooms. In most cases, you may have the ability to locate a regional natural cultivator that sells crimini mushroom but has not made an application for formal natural qualification either with the U.S. Department of Farming (USDA) or with a state agency. (Examples of states providing state-certified organic foods consist of California, New York, Oregon, Vermont, as well as Washington.) However, if you are shopping in a big grocery store, your most reliable source of naturally grown crimini mushrooms is most likely to be crimini mushrooms that present the USDA natural logo design.

The very best way to save loose button mushrooms is to keep them in the fridge in a loosely shut paper bag wrapped in a moist fabric or set out in a glass meal that is covered with a wet towel. Whether you make use of a paper bag, a wet cloth, or a glass meal, it’s worth avoiding all storage space techniques that leave the mushrooms piled in one big glob. The less surface call they have with one another the fresher they will certainly remain. A wonderful action to prevent clumping is to make an initial layer of mushrooms inside your paper bag or in addition to your wet towel or glass dish, and after that cover this mushroom layer with a paper towel. A second layer of mushrooms could then be put on top of the paper towel. These storage space approaches will certainly help preserve the mushrooms’ dampness without creating them to become soaked and also keep them fresh for a number of days. Once mushrooms have established a slimy layer across their surface, they are not longer fully fresh.

Mushrooms that are bought prepackaged can typically be stored in the fridge for 3-7 days. Nevertheless, to take full advantage of freshness, we suggest elimination from the initial container and storage space according to one of the approaches explained over. Likewise, we recommend that you start refrigeration of your mushrooms as soon as you have actually brought them back home from the grocery store.

Dried out mushrooms must be saved in a tightly secured container in either the refrigerator or freezer, where they will certainly remain fresh for six months to one year.

Tips for Readying as well as Food preparation.

Tips for Preparing Mushrooms.

Mushrooms are so permeable that if they are revealed to way too much water, they will promptly absorb it as well as become soggy. Therefore, the very best means to tidy mushrooms without compromising their appearance and also preference is to clean them using very little, if any kind of, water. To do this, simply wipe them with a slightly wet paper towel or kitchen area cloth. You might additionally make use of a mushroom brush, available at most kitchenware shops.

If using the whole mushroom in a dish, merely slice off the very bottom of the stem, which is usually a bit squishy. If your dish just asks for the caps, delicately break short the stems with your hands and discard (or save for making soup supply).

The Nutrient-Rich Method of Food Preparation Crimini Mushrooms.

We recommend Healthy and balanced Sautéeing crimini mushrooms. We feel that this approach likewise provides crimini mushrooms maximum flavor.

Healthy Sauté– just like Quick Boiling and Quick Steaming, our various other recommended cooking techniques– follows three fundamental cooking standards that are normally associated in food science research study with enhanced nutrient retention. These 3 standards are: (1) very little needed warm exposure; (2) marginal necessary cooking duration; (3) marginal necessary food surface area contact with food preparation liquid.

Heat 3 TBS of broth over tool warm in a stainless-steel frying pan. When brew begins to vapor, include chopped mushrooms and also Healthy and balanced Sauté for 7 mins. It is best to mix continuously for the last 4 mins of food preparation. Toss with our Mediterranean Dressing as well as your favorite optional components. For information see, 7-Minute Healthy Sautéed Crimini Mushrooms.

How you can Delight in.

A Couple Of Quick Offering Ideas.

Healthy sautéed mushrooms and also onions make a fantastic side recipe.
Add carefully sliced mushrooms to a pot of tomato pasta sauce.
After removing the stems from mushrooms, things them with your favored veggie assortment or soft cheese.
Make the timeless breakfast favorite … the mushroom omelet.

Nutritional Account.

Crimini mushrooms are an excellent source of numerous minerals including copper, selenium and also phosphorus. They are additionally a superb resource of B vitamins consisting of vitamin B2, niacin as well as pantothenic acid. On top of that, crimini mushrooms are a very good source of potassium, zinc, vitamin B1 and manganese. They are additionally a good source of vitamin B6, folate, choline, protein, as well as vitamin B12.

Introduction to Food Ranking System Graph.

In order to better aid you determine foods that feature a high focus of nutrients for the calories they include, we created a Food Ranking System. This system allows us to highlight the foods that are especially rich specifically nutrients. The complying with graph shows the nutrients for which this food is either an outstanding, excellent, or good resource (listed below the graph you will locate a table that discusses these qualifications). If a nutrient is not listed in the graph, it does not always mean that the food does not include it. It just implies that the nutrient is not provided in an adequate quantity or concentration to satisfy our ranking requirements. (To watch this food’s in-depth nutritional profile that includes worths for lots of nutrients – not simply the ones rated as exceptional, very good, or excellent – please make use of the web link below the chart.)

To read this chart properly, you’ll should glance up in the top left corner where you will certainly locate the name of the food as well as the serving dimension we made use of to compute the food’s nutrient structure. This serving dimension will certainly inform you what does it cost? of the food you have to consume to acquire the amount of nutrients discovered in the chart. Currently, returning to the graph itself, you could look beside the vitamins and mineral name in order to locate the nutrient amount it supplies, the percent Daily Worth (DV%) that this amount represents, the nutrient density that we calculated for this food as well as nutrient, and also the ranking we established in our score system. For most of our nutrient rankings, we adopted the federal government requirements for food labeling that are found in the United States Food and Drug Administration’s “Referral Worths for Nourishment Classifying.” Learn more background details and information of our ranking system.

Mushrooms, Crimini, raw
1.00 cup
72.00 grams
Calories: 16
GI: very low
Nutrient Amount DRI/DV
World’s Healthiest
Foods Rating
copper 0.36 mg 40 45.5 excellent
selenium 18.72 mcg 34 38.7 excellent
vitamin B2 0.35 mg 27 30.6 excellent
pantothenic acid 1.08 mg 22 24.5 excellent
vitamin B3 2.74 mg 17 19.5 excellent
phosphorus 86.40 mg 12 14.0 excellent
zinc 0.79 mg 7 8.2 very good
potassium 322.56 mg 7 7.8 very good
vitamin B1 0.07 mg 6 6.6 very good
vitamin B6 0.08 mg 5 5.3 good
folate 18.00 mcg 5 5.1 good
manganese 0.10 mg 4 4.9 good
choline 15.91 mg 4 4.3 good
protein 1.80 g 4 4.1 good
vitamin B12 0.07 mcg 3 3.3 good
World’s Healthiest
Foods Rating
excellent DRI/DV>=75% OR
Density>=7.6 AND DRI/DV>=10%
very good DRI/DV>=50% OR
Density>=3.4 AND DRI/DV>=5%
good DRI/DV>=25% OR
Density>=1.5 AND DRI/DV>=2.5%

In-Depth Nutritional Account.
Along with the nutrients highlighted in our scores graph, here is a thorough nutritional profile for Mushrooms, crimini. This profile consists of details on a complete range of nutrients, including carbohydrates, sugar, soluble as well as insoluble fiber, sodium, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and also even more.

Mushrooms, Crimini, raw
(Note: “–” indicates data unavailable)
1.00 cup
(72.00 g)
GI: very low
nutrient amount DRI/DV
Protein 1.80 g 4
Carbohydrates 3.10 g 1
Fat – total 0.07 g 0
Dietary Fiber 0.43 g 2
Calories 15.84 1
nutrient amount DRI/DV
Starch — g
Total Sugars 1.24 g
Monosaccharides — g
Fructose — g
Glucose — g
Galactose — g
Disaccharides — g
Lactose — g
Maltose — g
Sucrose — g
Soluble Fiber — g
Insoluble Fiber — g
Other Carbohydrates 1.43 g
Monounsaturated Fat 0.00 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0.03 g
Saturated Fat 0.01 g
Trans Fat 0.00 g
Calories from Fat 0.65
Calories from Saturated Fat 0.09
Calories from Trans Fat 0.00
Cholesterol 0.00 mg
Water 66.33 g
nutrient amount DRI/DV
Water-Soluble Vitamins
B-Complex Vitamins
Vitamin B1 0.07 mg 6
Vitamin B2 0.35 mg 27
Vitamin B3 2.74 mg 17
Vitamin B3 (Niacin Equivalents) 3.41 mg
Vitamin B6 0.08 mg 5
Vitamin B12 0.07 mcg 3
Biotin — mcg
Choline 15.91 mg 4
Folate 18.00 mcg 5
Folate (DFE) 18.00 mcg
Folate (food) 18.00 mcg
Pantothenic Acid 1.08 mg 22
Vitamin C 0.00 mg 0
Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Vitamin A (Retinoids and Carotenoids)
Vitamin A International Units (IU) 0.00 IU
Vitamin A mcg Retinol Activity Equivalents (RAE) 0.00 mcg (RAE) 0
Vitamin A mcg Retinol Equivalents (RE) 0.00 mcg (RE)
Retinol mcg Retinol Equivalents (RE) 0.00 mcg (RE)
Carotenoid mcg Retinol Equivalents (RE) 0.00 mcg (RE)
Alpha-Carotene 0.00 mcg
Beta-Carotene 0.00 mcg
Beta-Carotene Equivalents 0.00 mcg
Cryptoxanthin 0.00 mcg
Lutein and Zeaxanthin 0.00 mcg
Lycopene 0.00 mcg
Vitamin D
Vitamin D International Units (IU) 2.16 IU 1
Vitamin D mcg 0.07 mcg
Vitamin E
Vitamin E mg Alpha-Tocopherol Equivalents (ATE) 0.01 mg (ATE) 0
Vitamin E International Units (IU) 0.01 IU
Vitamin E mg 0.01 mg
Vitamin K 0.00 mcg 0
nutrient amount DRI/DV
Boron — mcg
Calcium 12.96 mg 1
Chloride — mg
Chromium — mcg
Copper 0.36 mg 40
Fluoride — mg
Iodine — mcg
Iron 0.29 mg 2
Magnesium 6.48 mg 2
Manganese 0.10 mg 4
Molybdenum — mcg
Phosphorus 86.40 mg 12
Potassium 322.56 mg 7
Selenium 18.72 mcg 34
Sodium 4.32 mg 0
Zinc 0.79 mg 7
nutrient amount DRI/DV
Omega-3 Fatty Acids — g
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 0.03 g
Monounsaturated Fats
14:1 Myristoleic 0.00 g
15:1 Pentadecenoic 0.00 g
16:1 Palmitol 0.00 g
17:1 Heptadecenoic 0.00 g
18:1 Oleic 0.00 g
20:1 Eicosenoic 0.00 g
22:1 Erucic 0.00 g
24:1 Nervonic 0.00 g
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
18:2 Linoleic 0.03 g
18:2 Conjugated Linoleic (CLA) — g
18:3 Linolenic — g
18:4 Stearidonic — g
20:3 Eicosatrienoic — g
20:4 Arachidonic — g
20:5 Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) — g
22:5 Docosapentaenoic (DPA) — g
22:6 Docosahexaenoic (DHA) — g
Saturated Fatty Acids
4:0 Butyric — g
6:0 Caproic — g
8:0 Caprylic — g
10:0 Capric — g
12:0 Lauric 0.00 g
14:0 Myristic 0.00 g
15:0 Pentadecanoic — g
16:0 Palmitic 0.01 g
17:0 Margaric — g
18:0 Stearic 0.00 g
20:0 Arachidic — g
22:0 Behenate — g
24:0 Lignoceric — g
nutrient amount DRI/DV
Alanine 0.13 g
Arginine 0.09 g
Aspartic Acid 0.16 g
Cysteine 0.00 g
Glutamic Acid 0.31 g
Glycine 0.08 g
Histidine 0.05 g
Isoleucine 0.07 g
Leucine 0.11 g
Lysine 0.18 g
Methionine 0.03 g
Phenylalanine 0.07 g
Proline 0.13 g
Serine 0.08 g
Threonine 0.08 g
Tryptophan 0.04 g
Tyrosine 0.04 g
Valine 0.08 g
nutrient amount DRI/DV
Ash 0.71 g
Organic Acids (Total) — g
Acetic Acid — g
Citric Acid — g
Lactic Acid — g
Malic Acid — g
Taurine — g
Sugar Alcohols (Total) — g
Glycerol — g
Inositol — g
Mannitol — g
Sorbitol — g
Xylitol — g
Artificial Sweeteners (Total) — mg
Aspartame — mg
Saccharin — mg
Alcohol 0.00 g
Caffeine 0.00 mg


The nutrient profiles provided in this website are derived from The Food Processor, Version 10.12.0, ESHA Research, Salem, Oregon, USA. Among the 50,000+ food items in the master database and 163 nutritional components per item, specific nutrient values were frequently missing from any particular food item. We chose the designation “–” to represent those nutrients for which no value was included in this version of the database.

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